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Caring for Your New Tattoo


Sween Ointment - $5 (per tube)
Sween Lotion - $5 (per bottle)


Tattooing involves piercing thousands of tiny holes in the skin at a rapid speed. Your skin reacts to this as it would to any other wound, and it takes some time for the body to heal and the tattoo to set. At this stage, proper care is of the utmost importance to avoid dangerous infections that can ruin your tattoo and cause health complications.

To ensure proper care of your new tattoo, we recommend you follow these essential steps:


- Leave the bandage/wrap on for at least 1 hour, but no longer than 4 hours. Once the bandage is removed, never re-apply another bandage, unless instructed to do so by your tattooist.


- Once you remove the bandage, clean your tattoo thoroughly with warm water and anti-bacterial soap.  Be sure to take your time and gently remove any dried blood, pigment, and ointment.


- Once properly cleansed and rinsed, allow your tattoo to air dry for 30 to 45 minutes. Then apply a mild, fragrance and dye free hand lotion.  Avoid products containing aloe, lanoline, and/or cocoa butter.  We offer SWEEN HAND AND BODY LOTION* for sale at reception.


- Throughout the healing process you should apply lotion 2 to 3 times daily.


- It may be indicated by your tattooist to use SWEEN ONCE A DAY MOISTURIZING BODY CREAM**, if so apply 1 to 2 times daily.  Remember this is an ointment, so use it very sparingly and rub it in all the way.


- If using lotion, be sure to only apply a very thin layer and rub it in entirely.  Never cake it on or leave any excess on the skin surface.


- After 2 to 4 days you may notice a scab forming, this is normal.  Different areas of the body and different skin types will scab differently.


- NEVER pick at the scabs.  Instead allow them to fall off on their own.  Your tattoo will likely be dry, itchy, and flakey.  When it is scabbed, avoid scratching it to prevent accidental scab removal.  The lotion or ointment application will help with both the dryness and itching.


- The scabbing can last for 2 weeks or longer for some people.  During this time, keep your tattoo clean, but never soak it.  Avoid hot tubs, bathtubs, swimming pools and saunas.  Normal showering is ideal.


- Keep your tattoo out of direct sunlight and tanning beds during healing.  Once your tattoo is healed, it is recommended that you apply sun screen when the tattooed area is exposed to sun to protect it from color fade and damage.


- REMEMBER, if you ever have any questions, or run into any complications, please don't rely on advice from so called "tattoo experts" or the internet.  Always ask the professionals at Asylum Studios!



*If you choose to purchase lotion elsewhere, please get a non-scented, dye free lotion that does not contain aloe, lanoline and/or cocoa butter, such as Curel, Lubriderm, Jergens or Vasoline Intensive Care.

** If you choose to purchase ointment elsewhere, please get Aquaphor

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