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Asylum Studios Tattoo & Body Piercing


Asylum Studios prides itself in it's cleanlines, safety and hygiene.  The studio, tattoo stations, and piercing stations are cleaned and sterilized daily as well as in between clients to create the most sterile enviroment possible.  Additionally, our tattoo artists and piercers wash and sanitize their hands before and after services, as well as before and after their gloves are put on or removed.  Tattoo artists and piercers use single use needles.  Anything that you will come in contact with during services has been properly sterilized and disinfected as per Virginia state guidelines.


We provide each customer with written copy of Aftercare Instructions for both piercings and tattoos.  If you have any questions or concerns about how to care for your new tattoo or piercing, please click on the proper Aftercare section to left.  There are full aftercare instructions and aftercare product listings.

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Studio Hours

Tattoo artists are available for appointments and/or walk-in* clients


Piercing available for walk-ins* during the following hours:


Sunday - 12:00p - 6:00p

Mon-Thur - 12:00p - 10:00p

Fri-Sat - 12:00p - 10:00p


*Please note that walk in availability is first come first serve, and not always available for tattoos.

Where to Find Us:

Asylum Studios Tattoo & Body Piercing
4179 Electric Rd 4179
Roanoke, VA 24018

Phone: (540)387-4278




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